6 Stylish Bridal Dress Designs for Tropical Weddings

Brides always stress about finding the dress that looks perfect, but style’s not the only important thing to consider when shopping for a wedding dress. In a tropical country such as the Philippines, comfort is just as important as style to brides on their big day. Here are some stylish bridal dress designs for tropical weddings.


The Boho look is something you can definitely pull off for a wedding in the tropics. Bridal Boho dresses are usually light and they have a very simple silhouette. These features help keep you feeling cool and comfy throughout the ceremony. You can also expect light layers to add a bit of drama to the look and a lot of embroidery and some bead work to complete the bridal ensemble.


Simple Silhouettes with Sheer Lace Overlay

A dress with a really simple and streamlined silhouette can look so much better and more romantic when worn with lace. If you’re worried about all the frills and frou-frou of the usual bridal dress leaving you hot and sweaty, why not opt for something light and simple then dress it up with a sheer lace overlay to give it that romantic bridal vibe.


Bared Back

Business in the front, party at the back. This is the perfect way to describe bridal dresses that lets you bare your back. It’s a great look to go for if you want something that will keep you cool while also making you look chic and stylish. If you don’t feel comfortable with totally baring your back, you can always opt for a lace overlay instead.


Lace Cape

Love the look of a long-sleeved bridal dress but can’t imagine sweating yourself to death on your big day by wearing sleeves? How about adding a light lace cape to your bridal ensemble? It’s an easy way to class up and jazz up your look and it will keep you feeling comfy all throughout the ceremony as well.



Another option for brides who aren’t 100% comfortable with baring arms is to go for an off-the-shoulder neckline. This style is quickly becoming a favorite among brides as it adds a feminine, flirty touch to the dress, plus there’s a ton of off-the-shoulder neckline varieties that a bride can choose from and play with.



Mermaid Silhouette

A wedding in the tropics is no place for a ball gown. Tulle may be very light and airy, but a hundred layers of it definitely isn’t. If you want a dramatic silhouette to complete your bridal look, a mermaid cut gown might just be what you need. This design accentuates your curves and flares out at the bottom for added drama.


Excited to go dress shopping? Just remember to consider comfort along with style!

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